So in 2017 I wanted to get back into working on Survival Jobs for Actors, but felt that the whole conversation around it was so much bigger – it’s so much more than just finding a Survival Job.

It’s about creating your financial future.

So, I started and the podcast Acting Successfully with Michelle Dyer, because I wanted to talk about success in this career (without talking about how to sing, dance and act).

In the midst of all this, I kept running into the fact that schools don’t give you a financial education. They teach you geometry, make you memorize facts you’ll never use again, but no one talks about the beauty of compound interest – the value of investing early, when time is on your side. So, with encouragement from MelRob from The Biz of Show, I finally got around to putting together what I think the basic financial concepts that we need to know.

Now, disclaimer time – I am NOT a financial advisor, so please go talk to one, and this two cents of mine has nothing to do with my employer.

I just geek out about this stuff and think the concepts and knowledge that I’ve learned from so many of my mentors (via their books & podcasts) are so valuable for everyone to learn about!

It’s far from perfect, but I can’t let perfection be the enemy of “done“. My next project is turning this series into an Online Course – and I’m taping myself every step of the way, so I can show you how to create YOUR own online course! Yay!

So, check out the series. Check out some of my recommended books at the library, and check out The Actor’s Fund for really great classes on this stuff.

Thanks for your time and I would love to hear from you.

All the best, Michelle