Survival Jobs for Actors started out in 2008/9 when I just got back into town after a gig – didn’t want to go out of town anymore, and needed a Survival Job. I couldn’t find much info out there, so I created this resource to be everything I wish I would have known on the subject when I moved to the city.

Then, marriage and kids happened and Survival Jobs went to the back-burner until about 2017, when I felt the need to talk about Survival Jobs again, but this time it wasn’t just about Survival Jobs. The gig economy had become more prevalent, so it was easier than ever to have a side hustle – so I wanted to speak to that. But it wasn’t just about a Survival Job or Side Hustle – it was about your financial life as a whole.

That’s where Finances For Actors came in.

#1 – No one teaches you about this stuff in life – I mean, as one of my favorite quotes go – (add sarcasm) “no one taught me how to write a check, but memorizing the presidents has really come in handy”

#2 – There are a ton of great financial books out there – here’s a link to my favorites – but not all of the advice applies to us. I mean, we don’t get a consistent paycheck, most of us don’t have a mortgage, and we can’t live in a city with a low cost-of-living.

So – I wanted to help share what I’ve learned and tailor it to our lifestyle.

**Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Please consult one. Additionally, this has nothing to do with my Survival Job.**

If you’re interested – check out Finances For Actors – please let me know what you think and what I can improve upon (too much info on one topic, not enough on another). I want this to be a jump-start to your financial education & because time is the ultimate resource – get you started saving for your future TODAY!

xoxo, Michelle