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You’ve heard it time and again. And when it comes down to it, Metropolitan’s business is all about people. Not only the employees we find for you, but equally important, is you, our customer.

Metropolitan’s people are the foundation of the company and you are our focus. Finding and keeping qualified people requires aggressive advertising, referrals, open houses, and networking. Each of these is of equal importance when you must have the best.

Then, through a rigorous screening process, we find the applicants that are best suited for your needs.

They also have a hospitality division (Met Hospitality). If you’re interested in that as well, be sure to mention it. From time to time they get promo gigs, so feel free to include your headshot if that’s something you’re interested in as well. But if you’re just submitting your business resume for temp work, no need to send in a picture.Note from Survival Jobs