Want to play all day? Work with kids!

Whether you’re working a birthday party, or singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” working with kids can be a fun Survival Job.

babysitting for yourself gives you true flexibility – you can take a decline jobs as needed. There are a lot of babysitting opportunities to watch kids before and after school (until their parents come home), but that really cuts into your audition schedule. Opt for night and weekend babysitting gigs. Ask around if any of your friends babysit – and if they’re unavailable for a gig, maybe they can recommend you. Families would much rather work with a friend-of-a-friend of their babysitter that a stranger. If you’re just starting out ask your local place of worship if you can volunteer in their nursery and get to know families. Working with kiddie music classes, a gym, or swim lessons are more restrictive on your schedule, but it’s a great place for you to get a family client base that knows, trusts you, and see you interact with their child. Care.com is another good place to start.



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