MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Network Marketing is a company where the participant is like an affiliate and makes a % of the profit that they sell, but they also make a % off of the sales of their recruits (team). This isn’t your old-school Mary Kay lady stuff anymore.

MLM has such a bad reputation and here’s why I think it does:

  • There is so much incentive to get people as part of your “team” that participants end up spamming family and friends to recruit them.
  • It’s great to think you’d make money off of other people doing the work/sales.

MLM can be a great opportunity and here’s what I think:

· You can work the business at any time, from any place with your phone.
· You’re already telling friends about products you like, why not get paid when they purchase from you?
· If you become a distributer (participant) you get the products at a discount (that’s why I’m a part of one, so I can get my mascara and face wipes at a discount).
· They usually have great self-development opportunities for their distributors.

So, I don’t see anything wrong with joining an MLM, as long as you’re not spamming family and friends. It’s a fantastic opportunity if you find a product you love and like interacting with people.

Check out my interview with Broadway Star Meredith Patterson – “Even Broadway Stars Need a Side Hustle”. She had some amazing insight about her journey to share. I highly recommend listening to it. (Follow this link or subscribe to Acting Successfully with Michelle Dyer wherever you get your podcasts).

I’m going to list a few reputable MLM companies below. If you would like me to consider including your link send me a note on the contact page.

  • Rodan + Fields
    • Two great ladies I know are consultants – check out their Instagram pages to DM them and see who you vibe with


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