This is another great – do the work once – and then set it & forget it option.

What is something you’re an expert at that others would love to learn about?

  • Are you an expert meal planner?
  • Closet organizer?
  • Makeup artist?
  • Have you been through something in your life and created a system to overcome it?

There is an online course out there for about everything – and it’s time you took advantage of the knowledge you have – and share it with others.

I highly recommend the software Kajabi. It allows you to create an online course with audio, videos and/or pdf’s. They even have an email autosponder. It could sound intimidating to set-up, but kajabi walks you through it all.

But enough with the tech talk. I realize people could go to YouTube to learn about things, or Google around and find articles, but it saves people that all-valuable time to have everything they need in one place.

For example: You could teach an on-line class on how to knit, and then at the end of the class offer 1:1 classes in-person (or via Skype when you’re on the road). In addition, you can offer other video classes with different patterns – and include a pdf of instructions for them to download and print.

The possibilities are endless!


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