Do you knit or make jewelry? Sell it!

On our non-eq bus and truck tour, a lot of my cast mates were into knitting. It’s a great activity to bide the time and you can sell your work. You can make items, take pictures of them, upload the pictures and write a description on the website and then sell away! You do need to ship the item yourself, so this could get tricky on the road. But, I’m sure if you ask your theater they’d let you put a package in their outgoing mail. (You can use to get supplies and print your labels).

Etsy & Amazon Homemade

  • These platforms do most of the work for you – no need to get your own url, website designer or credit card processesor. You sell your items on their marketplace and they pay you a portion of the proceeds according to their operating agreement.


  • You can create your own store and have as little or as much customization as you want.
  • Use a URL that you’ve purchased, or use the one that comes with your Shopify store.
  • Since there are so many options for beginners and power players alike, there’s a monthly fee for the service. But, you get your own eCommerce site.


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