A Print-On-Demand service is where you upload a design for a product and it’s printed and shipped only when it’s ordered.

If you have design experience, great, but if you don’t you can use products like Canva to create some of your designs.

With most print-on-demand services the margins (how much you make) are lower than if you just print off a bunch of shirts, store them at your house, and then ship them off one-by-one when they’re ordered. But, you don’t have time for all that! So, just make your designs, upload them to Merch by Amazon and go work on your career!

Some companies that Print-On-Demand:

  • Merch by Amazon
    • As of November 2018 you can design t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hooded sweatshirts and PopSockets. It’s print on-demand, so when someone buys your item, Amazon prints and ships it to them. You never touch it.
    • Of course, you have the option to market your designs (using your Amazon Affiliate link, of course!) Here’s one of my t-shirt designs #VocalRest. I have an “Acting Successfully” group of shirts, and a “Broadway Theatre” group of shirts.
    • On a $19.99 shirt, I only make around $5., but I’ll take it!
  • Gooten and Printful
    • There are a few of the Print-On-Demand companies where you can upload your designs to a variety of different items – t-shirts, mugs, posters.
    • You can sell these products in your “Shopify” store. They integrate with other sales platforms as well.


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