The beautiful thing about writing a book is you do the work once, and once you publish – it’s an automatic stream of income. This is the ultimate side hustle. But with this set it & forget it type of side hustle you probably won’t earn a living from the income, but it will definitely help.

Amazon makes it easy to self-publish. Gone are the days when you needed to get a publishing deal. With KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) by just uploading a Word document, you can sell you work as an eBook, or paperback. (Createspace used to be the company that made the paperback books, but now you can publish paperbacks from KDP, without having to create a separate Createspace account). The system for the paperback books is “on-demand publishing”. Gone are the days when you needed to print a ton of copies of the book, have then take up space in your apartment, and then need to go to the post office to mail them out one-by-one when you get an order. Now, Amazon takes care of everything, so that when a customer orders your book from they print it, and deliver it for you. This is wonderful for actors – especially so we don’t have to lug books on the road. But, it does come at a price. The royalties (how much you make on each book) won’t buy you a house. They are completely dependent upon how much you change for the book. For example – I get a $4.18 royalty for each time my “How to get your Child Into Pageants” eBook is sold for $9.99. (I get even less when a Kindle unlimited subscriber downloads it). It doesn’t exactly pay for my rent, (or even my electric bill), but I just set it & forget it. If you really want to make money off of your book, you can market it and drive traffic to your book.

OH – and if you do publish on Amazon, make sure you use your Amazon Associates link every time you link to your product. Amazon Associates is a program where you can become an affiliate for Amazon and make a small portion of the sale if someone buys after they click your affiliate link. So, you can make money off of the sale of your book – AND – make money off of the referral to the sale of your book. Pretty cool – huh? (Again, don’t count on Amazon affiliate commissions pay your rent, but again, it’s a set-it-and-forget-it source of income – I’ll take every cent I can get)!

*Please note Amazon Affiliate links have been used on this page (and on this website) which means, at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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