There are many certification programs to become a personal trainer or instructor. Here are a few of the most widely accepted programs. (Be sure to check with wherever you want to apply to see what cert they accept before you pay to take the courses.)

* ACE –
* NASM –
* AFAA –
* ACSM –
* ISSA –

You buy the materials from the company, then take the test online or the written version. Most of the tests are computer-based, and you can find a testing center on their website.

Some programs have a weekend class or personal training workshop that you can take. It’s a good way to get hands-on training from professionals who have already been through the process.

You also need CPR certification to get your personal trainer certification. Go to to find a CPR class in your area. Type in your area code and go to your local Red Cross’ website to check class schedules.

When you work for a large gym, at the beginning, you are required to work floor hours – which means hanging around on the floor to answer questions and help the members with machines. Some actors like to work at a large gym first to get the experience, then branch off into a smaller boutique gym or branch out on their own with personal training.



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