“Have you seen the people standing outside Penn Station handing out bottles of water? That’s a promo gig.

Promotional work usually consists of handing out samples, or demoing a product for the public. The best people for promo gigs are friendly, outgoing individuals that love to interact with the public.

Usually the promo company will ask for your picture and a resume– it’s like a modeling gig, but you have to talk. Smiley pictures are always best to submit. Let your personality shine through in the interview.

Most of the time you’ll get a t-shirt or outfit from the promo company to wear during the gig.

You can register with as many promo companies as you like. They will all have different gigs that they need to find great promo people for. Sometimes the client will give feedback on each promo person, so be sure to be professional at all times during the gig. From time to time the client will request someone that they had at a gig the last time, because they liked them so much.

Look polished and professional – from your nails to your freshly ironed outfit.

Women – for makeup usually air on the side of conservative. If it’s a nightlife promo, that’s when you can do a more nighttime look.

In the world of promos – Image is everything.”



Company Name : Attack! Company Website : https://www.attackmarketing.com Phone Number…
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